I guess I should actually write something on here every once in a while. I don’t have much to say at the moment.

Wrestling Road Diaries

I follow the Art of Wrestling podcast that Colt Cabana (Scotty Goldman) and he had been talking about the documentary he has done with Bryan Dainelson. I became a fan of Colt’s over the past few months and as I liked the podcast so I figured it would be worth the 23 bucks. After a […]


Sadly some members of my friends on FB are grossly misinformed to the actual rules of Said site and are making shit up as they go along.. I actually decided to READ THE RULES. They can be viewed here On the subject of cursing according to the rules it does seem to be allowed. The […]

The Great Flood 06

Hey guys this one takes place at my home. Well Ive been in my home almost 2 months when one of the worst things that can happen happens. There is a massive flood in my basement. at first i hope and pray its rain. we get the pool sump pump and try to drain the […]

All my friends Growing up

Alot of my friends are older than me. I am 21 and most of my friends are 25+. One of my best friends is getting married soon and its funny, because I can see myself in his shoes in a few years.  Scooter has been one of my best friends ever since I met him […]

The New Place

I’ve been asked a few times now to show off some photos of my new House. I don’t need internet idiots finding me I can provide a few photos of my room atleast. I have the “master” bedroom. By sheer volume only is it “master”. I have the biggest room square foot wise! but it […]

PKI and other random stuff

So I had a day off today and I wanted to do SOMTHING. I decided to goto PKI. I had asked liz but she had to work. So I asked rob. We had fun. Racer backwards ran really well. The best buy thing is being slooowwwww. I wish they’d hurry up.