Pat and the Mace robber collide SATURDAY LIVE ON BLOG!


I was with my father down in Kentucky and as we were leaving big lots were almost hit by a taxi! well we mind our bizznuss and turn on the on ramp to I-471 and were stopped by police cause they have there guns drawn at the SAME taxi!

So were surrounded and cant turn around. We see 3 people get put away. one in a reds jersey one in a bengals jersey and one old dude in a blue t-shirt.

after about 10 pics and 1 video the cops are nice enough to let us turn around.

Now if you Matt Osborne you would say theres no proof Pat was there.

Day in the Day


Got a new job. Best Buy woo!. I’ll be working with joe.

Did the madden thing last week was loling.

Tales from beyond the arbys.


This is a carry over from the Game junkie forums.

Our AC broke at work. It was sweltering in there all day. It sucked.

The rebirth


Finally got off my ass and updated everything here and on my end so is online.

All the navgation is to the left. You can get onto my image gallery where all my images are stored.  Some of my friends Blogs and sites and more. Its a fresh start.

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